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The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) is one of the largest state enterprises, which has strategic importance for the economy and security of Ukraine.

The USPA was founded in 2013 as a result of the maritime industry reform of Ukraine to manage state property in the seaports and to use it efficiently, create mechanisms to attract investments in the port infrastructure for its development and stable business performance. There are other tasks of the USPA, like maintenance of the passport depths of the ports’ water area and ensuring safety of navigation, etc.

The USPA is part of the management of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and unites Ukrainian seaports and other infrastructure objects, contributing to the development and competitiveness of each of them. The structure of the enterprise consists of the head office in Kiev and the main representative office in Odessa, Delta-pilot and Dredging fleet branches and 13 branches in the seaports of Ukraine:

Belgorod-Dnestrovsk Sea Port Authority

Berdyansk Sea Port Authority

Mariupol Sea Port Authority

Ust-Dunaisk Sea Port Authority

Yuzhnyi Sea Port Authority

Izmail Sea Port Authority

Oktiabrsk Sea Port Authority («Olvia» Sea Port)

Odesa Sea Port Authority

Mykolaiv Sea Port Authority

Reni Sea Port Authority

Skadovsk Sea Port Authority

Kherson Sea Port Authority

Illichivsk Sea Port Authority (Chornomorsk Sea Port)

Today USPA is:

— the enterprise with assets over 20 billion UAH,

— 162 units of the fleet,

— one of the largest taxpayers in the state budget ($140 mio in 2018),

— 263 berths, length over 40 km,

— over 135 million tons of cargo handled,

— $46 mio of capital investments.

USPA works for the state and business, covering every day the whole range of tasks in the port and at sea – starting from improving the legislative base to ensuring cargo transportation and safety of navigation.



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