Our Mission

Promotion the development of marine transport infrastructure of Ukraine and improve the competitiveness of state sea ports through administrative reform and creation of conditions and mechanisms for attracting investment.




  • Provide proper functioning of seaports
  • Manage and ensure the safety of navigation
  • Maintenance, efficient use and development of state property assigned to USPA on the right of economic authority and benefit




  • Ensuring effective use of the state property transferred for economic management, as well as modernization, renovation, reconstruction and construction of hydraulic structures, and other port infrastructure
  • Ensuring all the entities (public, private and other forms) equitable access to the strategic ports’ infrastructure, which will form the basis of property of the Authority and its branches in each seaport
    •  Provision with services for vessels during approach to the port and directly in each seaport for safe navigation, maneuvering and moorage
      •  Organization and ensuring the safe operation of ports’ infrastructure, including hydraulic structures, navigation safety systems within the territory and water areas of the ports
        •  Organization of navigation safety
          •  Collection and recording of data for the Seaports Register
            •  Design and implementation of the plan of development of seaports as well as making proposals for its improvement
              •  Rescue operations provision
                •  Organization of works to raise the sunk property in the seaports
                  •  Ensuring observance of the law on environment protection
                    •  Works on the elimination of the consequences of the accidents
                      •  Injured persons assistance
                        •  Delimitation of areas with mandatory use of tugs
                          •  Collection and proper use of port charges
                            •  Coordination of own activities and the activities of ports’ captains, pilot service, owners,of marine terminals, port operators and other entities operating in the seaports in the event of natural disasters, accidents, and other emergencies requiring interaction
                            • Provision of equal competitive conditions for business activities and services in the seaports



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