Appointment of state control form at seaports to become more transparent

Representatives of Ukrainian Sea Port Authority, the Security Service of Ukraine and the Customs Experts Department under the Ministry of Revenue and Duties held a meeting on the future development of the Port Community Information System. During the meeting, participants developed algorithm of state control forms appointment at the seaports. It was decided to organize only a written form feed «orientations» of the Security Service of Ukraine skilled customs forms for the purpose of control. Thus, during the appointment of controls form using the Port Community Information System customs inspector in the presence of orientation will indicate the number of the appropriate list of the Security Service of Ukraine. In the case of appointment such forms of control as «scales» and «inspection» customs inspector will specify the cause of appointment, based on exhaustive list which is provided by the current legislation. To date is developing requirements specification for the operator of the Port Community Information System for the implementation of this decision. "Thanks to the use of the System, the freight forwarder will be provided online with a person who appointed the form of state control of the cargo as well as the grounds on which it was appointed and, most importantly, on the basis of this information we can conclude who is financially responsible for it. Thus, we exclude the possible mechanisms of opaque influence on the forwarder from the regulatory authorities and eliminate the so-called «telephone justice»,— said the Head of the Strategic Development Service Vyacheslav Voronoy. SE «USPA» press-service



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