The Agreement on long-awaited dredging in the port of Mariupol is signed

April, 26, 2019. The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority has signed an agreement to carry out an operational dredging in the port of Mariupol with «Specialized Technical Bureau Azimut» LLC.

The work involves the restoration of passport depths on the approach channel and port water area. "Only last year Mariupol port provided transshipment of almost 6 million tons of export cargo. The export supply of Ukrainian enterprises in the east of the country depends on his work. Therefore, the deepening of our ports at Azov is a vital step. Today's event has become possible, in part, thanks to the strong international support received by Ukraine in view of the difficult situation on Azov ",— the Head of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority emphasized.

«STB „Azimut“ LLC offered the lowest price to the volume of work according to the terms of the competition and became the winner of an open tender, which the branch “Dredging Fleet” of the State Enterprise „USPA“ held in the electronic system of public procurement “Prozorro”.

Three out of seven companies that applied for the tender were admitted: „Ukrstroyservis“ LLC (Ukraine), Consal S. R.L. (Romania), «Specialized Technical Bureau „Azimut“ LLC (Ukraine). The savings on the basis of open bidding amounted to 20% of the starting price, which was set at 460 million UAH (without VAT). The contractor has to perform a dredging in the port of Mariupol in the amount of 1.98 million cubic meters. The main works (1.87 million cubic meters) will need to be performed at the Coal Harbor approach channel and 115 thousand cubic meters — in the water area of the port.

In 2017–2018, the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority announced tenders for dredging in Mariupol and Berdyansk for the restoration of passport depths and enhancement of the competitiveness of the ports of Azov five times. However, the winners could not be determined due to the lack of participants in the auctions. Therefore, works at these ports were carried out by the vessel of SE „USPA“ — the „Meotida“ dredging vessel. Last year, it completed the largest volumes of work among the fleet of the state enterprise. But its capacities were not enough to restore passport depths in the two ports of Ukraine on the Azov Sea. Therefore, the involvement of the fleet of the contracting organization was a priority task for the USPA.

The Agreement was signed by Andrii Yevtushenko, deputy head of economics and finance of the branch “Dredging Fleet” of the State Enterprise „USPA“, and Oleksandr Bloshenko, Director of “Specialized Technical Bureau “Azimut” LLC.


The Mariupol Sea Port can receive vessels with a draft of 8 m. The length of the approach channel of Mariupol Port is 18 km, the width is 100 m., the annual sediment accumulation of the channel and water area – 874 thousand cubic meters per year. The project depth at the berths of the port is from 8 to 9,75 m, the approach channel is 9,15 m, the water area is 9,75 m.

Currently the passage of vessels serviced in the Mariupol Sea Port is reduced from 8 m to 7.7 m.

Decreasing the depths on the approach channels of the port leads to a shortage of vessels, which causes considerable economic losses for the port authority, stevedoring companies, cargo owners. This leads to a reduction in the level of cargo handling and is reflected at the level of incomes received from port fees and specialized services (port operator access to the berth).

Underloading due to reduction of passage draft by 30 cm makes from 1 to 5 thousand tons per vessel. In 2018, the cargo handling at the Mariupol Sea Port at depths of 7.7 m was 5.8 million tons, and at depths of 8 m, the cargo handling could be about 6.5 million tons.

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