Palace of Sport «Yunost» under Illichivsk seaport authority

Palace of Sport «Yunost» is located in the center of Iljichiovsk, 10 minutes walk from the sea. Currently the facility experiencing its rebirth. 85% of the areas were renovated: the building received new facade, equipment ofroomsaccording to world standards, swimming pools etc.ThePalace can offer classes and competitions of any level of complexity.

Palace of Sports «Youth» is the base for the Olympic team in weightlifting, which shows excellent results and win prizes. Within the walls of the Palace of Sport there is a school of rhythmic gymnastics.

Sports Palace has also a modern gym and a massage room. There are all the conditions for effective sports and leisure activities.

Address: Illichivsk, 20 Lenin str.

Tel.: (04868) 6 03 093, 62114

Recreation facility «Portovik» under Izmail seaport authority

Recreation facility «Portovik» Ais located on the shores of Lake Yalpug, one of the largest freshwater reservoirs in Europe.

There are wooden houses, summerhouses, chaise lounges, a swimming pool, a bar with soft drinks at the recreation facility “Portovik”.

Lovers of active holidays will findthere billiards, a shooting range, a gym,volleyball and basketball grounds. For children the facility can offer a colorful playground with inflatable pool, swings and roundabouts.

The pride of the center is its small-sized fleet: the boats, which can make a speed up to 90 km/h, catamarans, centerboarders, etc.

Recreation facility «Portovik» is ready to receive tourists every day from May to October.


Polevaya str

Ozernoye village Izmail district,

Odessa region., Ukraine.

Tel.: (04841) 6-30-31, (04841) 6-12-29

Health center of the port of Odessa

To solve the social problem on health improvement and cultural servicing of all categories: port workers, adjacent enterprises employees and their families members. Odessa Commercial Sea Port offers significant sports base.

The sport center is situated near the 28th berth and includes:

— indoor tennis courts with all infrastructure;

— 24×12 game hall for five-a-side football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, single combats, etc., with a swimming pool and a sauna;

— 2 good equipped gyms;

— fitness studio;

— table tennis;

— billiard room;

— health improving complex.

Health complex «Albatros» under Illichivsk seaport authority

Health complex "Albatros " is located in ecological area of such known resorts as Gribovka and Carolino Bugaz, directly on the shore of the Black Sea, outside of the settlement.
A total area of 14 hectares is a beautiful green park with a variety of flowers, trees, lawns. Cosy summerhouses hospitably invite children and their parents.

The complex is equipped with a medical office, the number of infirmaries meet the standards. Experienced pediatricians provide first aid around the clock if necessary,.

Twice per shift workers of Illichivsk sanitary-and-epidemiologic station monitoring the implementation of sanitary rules and regulations, checking drinking water, sea water and sea sand for the presence of any pathogens.



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