History Museum of the port of Illichivsk seaport

Museum of the History of Illichivsk Seaport was opened in 1970 and collects, preserves and exhibits the material, written and visual sources, as well as movie and photo sources reflecting the heroic 55-year career history of the enterprise since its foundation till present days.

The museum is located in Illichivsk at the address 6 Transportnaya str. 6, right wing of the first floor, has an area of 185 square meters. Theme of the museum meets historical profile.

Museum named after F. P. De-Volan, Odessa

Established on April 10, 1990 by the order of the General Manager of the port of Odessa N. Pavluyk. The museum is the only in Ukraine, which reflects a unique history of the leading port of the country, like no one else has rich historical roots.

Exposition of museum consists of 5 halls with total area of 625 sq. m where you can see the following historical themes:

Hall #1 – “Origin of the port and the city”, “Construction of the port”, “Trade”, “Port at times of revolutions and wars”, “The port in the Great Patriotic War”, “Port chiefs”, “Port in 90ies of XX century”;

Hall #2 – “Life and activity of F. P. De-Volan”
Hall #3 – “Prehistory of the port and Odessa city from ancient Greeks till seizure of Hadzhibey in 1789”, “Port development on the age-old prints and maps”;
Hall #4 – “Port development at times of Independence”
Hall #5 – “Techniques an technologies in the port”



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