Berdiansk Sea Port Authority

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The port is opened for navigation all year round; northeastern winds prevail. Wind speeds of over 15 mps occur on an average in 24 % of the year. The annual average temperature is 10.7 °C. Fogs occur 30–35 days a year on an average.


The port is situated in the northeastern part of Berdyansk Bay and consists of the outer road, the inner road (harbour of Berdyansk), the entrance canal. Berdyansk harbour, where the main berths №1–6 are situated is protected by a breakwater; berths № 7–9 are not protected.


Berdyansk harbor comprises two basins: the Western and the Eastern ones. The Eastern basin is protected from the west by a dam, and from southwest by the breakwater.


The way into the harbor is along the entrance canal, which is 20 km long, 90 m wide, 8.55 m deep, with the draft limit of 7.9 m., and along fairway No54, for vessels up to 100 GRT. The entrance to the harbor is between the northwest end of the breakwater and a bank with the depth of less than 5 m. The depth of the port is 8.4 meters, the area is 414 550 sq.m.


Port position: 46°45′N, 36°46′E.


6, Maxim Gorky Str., Berdyansk, Zaporozhye Region, 71112, Ukraine.


Теl.: +38 (06153) 62-682

Т/fax: +38 (06153) 36-207