Izmail Sea Port Authority

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The border of the Port of Izmail goes along the left bank of the Kiliya mouth of the Danube River between 84.6-85.6 km, 90-91 km, 92-94 km, and 500 m towards the city zone.


Port waters include the water area in the Kiliya mouth of the Danube River, from 78 up to 96 km counting from the left bank, up to the conventional line of the Ukrainian border, which passes along the Danube fairway.


The ground in this water area is sand and partly mud. The climate is moderate continental with a short, warm winter, and a long, hot summer. Northerly winds prevail up to 30 % of the year. Northwesterly winds are observed in winter. Cold, dry weather is usual, when northerly winds blow. In winter snowfalls and snowstorms, with prevailing northeasterly winds are observed 3-6 times per month. The average annual number of days with reduced visibility (generally from November till February) amounts to 53 days.


Port position: 45°20′N; 28°51′E.


7, Luka Kapikrayan str., Izmail, 68609, Ukraine.


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