Kherson Sea Port Authority

About port

Kherson port is situated 15.0 km from the mouth of the river Dnepr on its right bank and is approached by going up the fairway of the Rvach River, up the Dnepr's Olkhovy arm, and the Dnepr River itself.


The port is navigable year-round.


Northerly and northeasterly winds prevail.


Wind speeds over 15 m/s occur in 10 % of the year, usually between November and March. Fogs are observed 19–60 days per year on an average, and last 5–6 hours a day.


The Dneprovskiy estuary is declared a national reserve. Navigation is permitted only along its navigable arms. Navigation along the fairway leading into the port presents no big difficulties. In winter, when the Dnepr freezes over, vessels are led into the port by icebreakers.


Port position: 46°38'N, 32°37'E.


4, Ushakova Ave., Kherson, 73000, Ukraine.


Tel.: +38 (0552)223-248

Kherson Sea Port Authority