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The port is situated in the northwestern part of Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea, 14 miles away from the entry to the bay. Navigable period is all year round. However, for about 35 days a year on an average, ice pilotage is necessary for navigation. In winter easterly winds prevail and in summer westerly winds do. Fogs are observed on an average 44 days per year.


The Mariupol port's water area consists of inner and outer roads.


The inner road is bounded: on the north by its Eastern pier; on the east by the Northern, Southern and Eastern moles; on the south by the Western mole; on the west from the Western mole and up along the coast line northeastward to the Eastern pier. The inner road consists of the outer port and Ugolnaya, Western and Khlebnaya harbours.


Port position: 47°03′N, 37°30′E.


3, Admiral Lunin Ave., Mariupol, Donetsk Region, 87510, Ukraine.


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Mariupol Sea Port Authority