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The port is located in the city of Nikolaev, on the left bank of the bend of the Yuzhniy Bug river, 35 km upstream from where the river flows into the Dneprovskiy Liman (estuary). The port joins the sea via the Bug-Dnepr Lmanskiy Canal passing through the Dnepro-Bugskiy estuary and Yuzhniy Bug River. This canal starts at Berezan Island and goes on 44 miles to Nikolaev Port. The canal consists of 13 bends, 6 of which pass through the Dneprovskiy Estuary, and the others through the Yuzhniy Bug River. It is 100 m wide and 11.2 m deep.


Nikolaev port is navigable all year round. The water in the estuary is fresh. In the cold period of the year, from November till April, N, NE, W, NW winds prevail, and from April till October, NE, S, SE winds do. The average monthly wind speed is 3–6 mps. In the cold period wind speed of 15 mps and more is tend to prevail. In the warm period the winds' direction is marked by twenty four hour circulation, which makes for stable wind breezes, i.e. southerly during the day and northerly winds at night.


Port position: 46°56′N; 34°57′E.


23, Zavodskaya Str., Nikolaev, 54020, Ukraine


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Mykolaiv Sea Port Authority