Olvia sea port authority

About port

Specialized sea port Olvia was founded in 1992 (before- Specialized sea port
"Oktyabrsk" order of CMU from 25.01.2017 №46) on the basis of the 3rd cargo district
of Nikolaev Commercial Sea Port (1965). The port is located on the left bank of
the Bug estuary.


The port area is ​​the transport territory for the port service and is 178.8 hectares.


The approach of vessels at the port performing by the Dnepr-Bug Liman Сanal (BDLC) in accordance with the rules of navigation through this Canal. Port for cargo handling operations and maintenance of marine and river vessels, has 8 berths with a total length of 1.81 km.


The depth and length of the mooring line can accept vessels up to 250 meters, a width of 40 m, deadweight of up to 80 tons. Declared draft in port - 10.5 meters. The existing level of mechanization of specialized sea port Olvia up to 5 million tons of general cargo per year.


Port position: 46.83485˚ N, 31.9535˚ E


Mailbox 170, Mykolaiv, 54052, Ukraine.


Tel: +38 (0512) 675-400

Fax: +38 (0512) 675-409

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