Odesa Sea Port Authority

About port

Odesa port is one of the largest ports of the Black and Azov seas basin, located in the northwestern part of the Black Sea at the intersection of the historically established trade routes of East and West. Area: 141 ha. Number of berths: 54. Length of the berthing line: over 9000 m. The port is capable of accepting and servicing vessels up to 330 m long, up to 40 m wide, and up to 13.0 m draught. Since 2013, the port technical infrastructure and production processes have been carried out by the Odesa branch of the SE ‘Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority’ (OB SE ‘USPA’, Odesa Sea Port Authority).


Today, the port throughput capacity is 50 million tons of cargo (25 million tons of dry and 25 million tons of liquid cargo) in export, import and transit traffic. The following types of cargo are accepted for transshipment: oil and oil products in bulk, liquefied gas, tropical and vegetable oils, industrial oils, containers of all types and sizes, non-ferrous and ferrous metals, ore, cast iron, raw sugar in bulk, grain in bulk, perishable cargo in containers, various cargo in bags, boxes, packages, big-bags and enlarged cargo units, motor transport. Environmentally hazardous cargo is the exception.


Port position: 46°32′N, 30°54′E.


1, Tamozhennaya Square, Odessa, 65026, Ukraine.


Tel.: +38 (048) 729-35-55

Fax: +38 (048) 729-45-40