Skadovsk Sea Port Authority

About port

Port Skadovsk lies on the northern shore of Djarylgach Bay of the Black Sea. To the south, this bay extends to the coastline of Djarylgach Island.


The dimensions of Djarylgach Bay, (eastern limit of which is the line between the Bay and port point Khorly) are: east to west - 60 km; and north to south - 14 km.


Depths in the bay do not exceed 10 m.


Port Skadovsk waters are ladle shaped and their entrance is embraced by two dams. Port’s water area’s depth in the middle is 5-5.3 m. Port waters lie within the following lines: easterly from point 46°06′48′′N; 32°55′20′′Е to point 46°02′83′′N; 32°06′60′′Е; westerly from point 46°06′50′′N, 32°54′60′′E to point 46°05′90′′N, 32°53′95′′Е; then along the northern and western edges of anchorage No. 371 to point 46°04′20′′N, 32°53′40′′E. From this point the limit runs to point 46°02′32′′N, 32°56′20′′E. In the north and south-east the limits are formed by the coast lines.



Port position: 46° 6' 24" N, 32° 54' 41" E


2, Mangubinska Str., Skadovsk, Kherson Region, 75700, Ukraine.


Т/fax: +38 (05537) 531-20