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The Pivdennyi seaport is a universal port that specializes in handling bulk, general, liquid, chemical cargo and fertilizers. Including ore, coal, metal, pellets, urea, ammonia, methanol, grain, palm oil, petroleum and petroleum products.


Currently, in the water area of the seaport of Pivdennyi, cargo is processed by the following port operators:


- SE "STP Yuzhnyi" - iron ore concentrate, pellets, coal, mineral construction materials, etc.

- JSC "Odessa Port Plant" - chemical bulk and liquid cargo.

- LLC "TIS-Mineralnie Udobreniya" - bulk chemical cargo.

- LLC "TIS-Zerno" - grain cargo.

- LLC "TIS-Ruda" - bulk cargo.

- LLC "TIS-Ugol" - bulk cargo.

- LLC "TIS-Container Terminal" - general cargo, oil.

- LLC "M.V. Cargo "- grain cargo.

- LLC “Borivage” - grain cargo.

- LLC Delta Wilmar CIS - vegetable oil.

- LLC "Risoil-South" - vegetable oil.

- LLC "Allseeds Black Sea" - vegetable oil.

- Affiliated Company "Seaside Ukraine”  - grain cargo.

- LLC "Terminal Stevedoring and Co" - oil products.

- PJSC "Ukrtransnafta" (SOT "Pivdennyii") - oil.


The main directions of transportation are the countries of the Black Sea and Mediterranean basins, Latin America, the USA, the Middle East, Southeast Asia.


The Seaport of Pivdennyi, founded in 1978, is one of the youngest ports in Ukraine. The port is located on the northwestern coast of the Black Sea and is the most promising hubs of Ukraine.


The Pivdennyi seaport is the deepest ice-free port in the Black Sea-Azov basin, with an area of 4820 hectares. It is formed by the area of the Adzhalyk estuary (884 hectares), the outer water area - water area bounded by an arc of a circle with a radius of 2 miles from the radar station building (530 hectares) and an outer harbour with three anchorages (3406 hectares). The length of the approach channel is 5007 m, and the internal channel - 2660 m.

Anchorages on the outer harbour of the port allow receiving up to 24 large-tonnage vessels.


Today the seaport of Pivdennyi is the only port in the Black Sea-Azov basin, which is able to accept vessels with a carrying capacity of over 200 thousand tons and a maximum draft of 18.9 meters, which allows the port facilities to regularly set record indicators. Today, port operators of the Pivdennyi seaport handle one third of the total volume of cargo handled by all seaports of Ukraine.


There are 29 berths in the seaport of Pivdennyi: 16 of which belong to private port operators, 13 - to the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority. The total length of the port's berthing front is 5.5 km.


The high competitiveness of the port to other ports of Ukraine is conditioned by its geographical location, year-round guarantee safe navigation and uninterrupted cargo operations. The high competitiveness of the port among other Ukrainian ports is due to its geographical location, a guarantee of year-round safe navigation and uninterrupted technologies of cargo operations. The presence of modern transshipment equipment, a powerful port fleet, deep-water berths, a developed system of rail and road routes, a high intensity of cargo handling, a system of an information port community and electronic document management, along with high professionalism of personnel, allow us to provide cargo and ship owners with a full range of services of the highest quality. All of them are confirmed by international certificates.



Port position: 46°36′N, 31°01′E.


Beregovaya str., 11, Yuzhnyi, Odessa region, 65481, Ukraine


Head of the Branch - Maxim Shirokov (reception) 750-79-86


Chief Engineer - (reception) 750-79-86


Deputy Head of the branch in Economics and Commerce 750-71-13


Deputy Chief of the Branch - 750-78-26


Operating Office 750-79-88


Commercial Department 750-71-55


The Office 750-71-63




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