Reni Sea Port Authority

About port

The port’s territory includes the part of fenced bank line along the left Danube bank from 123.6 to 128.3 km.


The port’s territory covers 940,000 sq. m; its boot basin area is 440,000 sq. m.


Weather and climate conditions are generally the same as in port of Izmail. The port roads are open to winds of all directions.


The depths of the roadsteads vary (from the bank to the middle of the river) from 2 m up to 25 m. In the port’s water area the bottom is silty but in some places it is sandy.


Port position: 45°26′N; 28°18′E.


188, Dunaiskaya str., Reni, Odessa reg., 68802, Ukraine.


Tel: +38 (04840) 414-84

Faxс: +38 (04840) 410-31