Published 29.07.2022

INFORMATION for shipowners, agents, port operators

Regarding navigation along the approach corridor to the ports of Ukraine (Chornomorsk, Odesa, Pivdennyi).

The working VHF communication channel between the ships in the caravan is channel 69 of the MRS (reserve channel 73 of the MRS).

Organization of communication, coordination and information exchange (contact information, to call from a mobile phone, click on the button on your smartphone screen):
“Delta-Lotsman” branch of SE “USPA”:
pilot-operator of VTCP Odesa:
Head of the Pilot Service Post:
Odesa branch of SE “USPA” dispatcher:
Odesa branch of SE “USPA” senior dispatcher:
Working VHF communication channel – MRC channel 6 (reserve: MRC channels 8 and 67).

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