Published 07.03.2022

Vessel calls through Sulina canal

Dear colleagues!

After two months of planning ship calls through Sulina, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine together with the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” (USPA) has decided to switch to the practice of weekly planning instead of planning the weekly basis! This weekly plan will be sent to the Lower Danube Administration at the end of the previous week and will be published on the official website of the USPA. The basis of the plan is the plans of the port operators who directly carry out cargo transshipment and agree on the final plan. Thus, planning will become more transparent and predictable. No changes will be made to the plan during the week. In this regard, we ask all participants of the transportation process to ensure quality planning and timely delivery of cargo, readiness of the fleet, preparation of forces and means for fleet maintenance.

In addition to the weekly plan, the following information will be published on the USPA website:

Daily information with an up-to-date list of vessels located on the Sulina raid;

Daily plans of the Lower Danube Administration regarding the passage of vessels through the canal;

Daily report on the vessels passage through the canal;

Weekly report on vessels handling according to the weekly plan by Romanian colleagues.

Thus, you can get all the necessary information in public access. If you have any questions why a certain vessel is not included in the weekly plan, please ask the port operator who carries out transshipment and planning the processing of the fleet of its counterparties.

To obtain information if a vessel has passed the canal not according to the schedule please contact the Administration of the Lower Danube.

In turn, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and USPA will constantly analyze the implementation of the plan and call on Romanian colleagues to comply with it and increase the number of daily passages of vessels to the Ukrainian ports.

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